Author: Own Your Other and The Startup Within

Own Your Other

My memoir, Own Your Other, is the slice-of-life story of my husband’s sudden death in a helicopter crash, leaving me and my two and four-year-old daughters behind.  A love story and tear-jerker intertwined, this book is about the two of us (how we met, merged lives and started a family) and how I learned to “own my other” and embrace my new reality after the accident. It is sprinkled with moments of love, humor, joy and the irony that life often presents along the journey. 

In it, I also talk about how I found inspiration when life didn't turn out the way I thought it would and when I found myself outside of the norm- how I learned to accept and own my new "other" as a single mother and young widow.  If you are experiencing something similar, I hope you'll find comfort in my journey or can just relate in general to this love story/sad movie all in one!

The link to purchase Own Your Other will be available upon publication- Fall 2020.

The Startup Within

My second book, The Startup Within-the smart girl's guide to launching her inner entrepreneur, is an all-encompassing guide which helps fempreneurs (female entrepreneurs) to make the mindset shifts necessary for running a successful startup by addressing ond overcoming the challenges and thoughts that may sabotage them along their entrepreneurial journey! 

Packed full of practical advice, puns and plenty of empowerment, women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs/side hustlers, will get a plethora of tips and knowledge to turn their startup dreams into a reality! This book also includes The Fempreneur Action Plan- workbook style activities that accompany each chapter. These exercises enable women founders to convert the tips they learn into actionable steps and goals. It's time to launch your inner entrepreneurs, ladies!

The link to purchase The Startup Within will be available upon publication- Fall 2020!