Need Inspirational Books to read? Check out Own Your Other

Book Release 2020!

My memoir, Own Your Other, is the story of my husband’s sudden death in a helicopter crash, leaving me and my two and four-year-old daughters behind. The book is about learning how to “own your other” by embracing times when you find yourself out of the norm, not fitting in, or experiencing setback. It is sprinkled with moments of love, humor, joy and the irony that life often presents along your journey. 

There are also six key takeaways/life lessons resulting from the loss that I share with readers. The main theme throughout the book is perseverance and triumph over tragedy or loss. 

Find Out How to Own Your Other

In this memoir, I talk about how I found inspiration when life didn't turn out the way I thought it would, when I found myself outside of the norm.  I discuss how I learned to accept and own my new "other." 

Overcoming Loss and Triumphing over Tragedy

This book is a love story from start to finish, and also tells how I began to pick up the pieces after heartbreak and tragedy. You too can overcome grief and setbacks, and learn to live your life to the fullest. 

The link to purchase Own Your Other will be available upon publication.